Albert van den Bruele, HOLANDIA /Breda/


bruele01My name is Albert van den Bruele. I live in Breda, the Nethelands. I am 46 years old and collecting shells for more than 30 years.
My collection is over 8500 species and containing thousands of lots from all over the world. I collect marine, land- and freshwater shells.
Also fossil shells from the Tertiary Period are welcome.

Most of the shells from my collection are collected by myself as well as exchanged with fellow collectors from all over the world. If I collect shells I keep several for my own collection. The rest is put aside in an exchange-list. I like it very much to exchange shells with other collectors.
In years time I have visited several countries in Europe: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatie, Greece, Turkey etc. Outside Europe I have been in Florida, Bahamas, Canary Islands and South-Africa.

If you are /or your friends/ interested in exchanging shells with me, don’t hesitate and write to me. Only in Dutch, English, German or French. All letters will be answered.

Write to following address:
Albert van den Bruele
Fatimastraat 132
4835 BG – Bred