Andrea Turchetti, WŁOCHY /Rzym/

W maju 2007 roku Andrea zaprosił mnie do odwiedzenia Jego nowej wersji strony internetowej.
Sądzę, iż takie zaproszenie odebrała także spora grupa polskich konchistów.
Ja, co ?normalne? ? nie przepuściłem okazji, aby przepytać włoskiego kolekcjonera o Jego przygodę z muszlami.

Oto oryginalny fragment listu Andrei:

?I?m Andrea Turchetti from Rome, Italy.
I?m a sea lover and I?ve a great passion for all concern sea and sea-life especially for seashells.

I don?t remember when my passion started, but since I was a little child, I spent many hours to keep shells on the beach, mainly half part of beached bivalves.
Instead of common toys, I forced my father to buy baskets of seashells, and I spent hours playing with this little ?frames?.

Today, after 30 years, my passion is more strong than yesterday and increase every day.
I collect all specimens of seashells, shark?s jaws, fossil shells and many other kind of sea life, but first of all, I?m specialized in cowries.

Every day I spend 2 or 3 ours with my shells.
I?m always in search of new specimens for my collection, and for this reason, I?ve decide to built my web site, not only for selling shells (I?m a collector, not a dealer), but for search new contact and new shells friends in all parts of the world to improve and enhanced it.?

turchetti01Andrea Turchetti zaprasza na swoja stronę internetową