Margaret (Peggy) Williams, STANY ZJEDNOCZONE /Tallevast/

Kolekcjonowanie muszli morskich, organizowanie profesjonalnych „wypraw muszlowych”, udział w amerykańskich shell show, dokumentowanie malakofauny Florida Keys i wreszcie podwodne „bezkrwawe łowy” z aparatem fotograficznym to kolekcjonerskie formy aktywności Pani Margaret „Peggy” Williams z Tallevast na Florydzie. Mimo, że niektóre z wymienionych przyjmują formę aktywności historyczno-wspomnieniowych (z powodów zdrowotnych), to jednak Pani William animuszu nie brakuje.


„Hi! I’m Peggy Williams, shell collector and guide for shell collecting trips. I began in Shell Elegant in 1988 as a mail-order catalog selling items with a seashell motif, combining my love of seashells with mail order expertise. However, the catalog was discontinued after five years.
Meanwhile, I had continued and expanded on another favorite activity: leading groups of collectors to various countries for the joy of finding shells. Now that is my only business, and I generally arrange nine to ten trips per year.
Destinations include: West Florida, the Florida Keys, Hawaii and Washington State in the U.S., Several Bahamian destinations (generally two per year), eastern and western Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, other Caribbean islands, Australia, and South Africa. I am always looking for new places to explore that are suitable for groups of six to twenty shell collectors.
A lifelong Floridian, I have been collecting shells seriously for over 35 years by wading, snorkeling and diving. I have won numerous awards at Florida Shell Shows, judged shows, written many articles for popular shelling magazines (as well as my new book on Caribbean Turridae), travelled extensively to collect shells, and guided many shell-collecting trips in Florida and foreign countries. Collecting activity on these trips is limited to gathering for private collections. Though we sometimes take live shells, we are careful of the environment and selective with specimens, leaving poor quality shells, juvenile shells and animals on eggs. Part of the delight in this activity is in discovering the natural habitats of these animals and observing the marine environment.”


Pani Peggy Williams podczas Conchologists of America Annual Convention,2009
w Clearwater na Florydzie (obok Pan Harry Lee).
(zdj. dzięki uprzejmości „Femorale”)

A teraz kilka ujęć dokumentujących urodę morskiej malakofauny Florida Keys.
Na kolejnych zdjęciach oglądamy: Cassis madagascariensis, Strombus raninus, Cypraea cervus, Caribachlamys sentis, Cyphoma gibbosa, Tegula lividomaculata, Morum oniscus i Cypraea acicularis.


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